At Hotel Los Dólmenes we strive to implement sustainable practices in all our operations to minimise our environmental impact.


In addition to our green spaces where more than 500 cypress trees form our hedges, we have acquired a 6 hectare green space a few kilometres from our hotel where we are planting and caring for more than 100 trees of different species…

These spaces also contribute to local biodiversity by providing natural habitats for various species of flora and fauna.


A In our commitment to renewable energy, we have installed photovoltaic panels at our facilities.

These panels allow us to generate part of our electricity from clean, renewable sources, which helps us to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions.


At Hotel Los Dólmenes, we are committed to responsible waste management.

We implement recycling programmes for different types of materials, such as plastic, cardboard and used oil, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact and promoting the circular economy.


We care about reducing our energy consumption as much as possible.

That is why we have implemented a lighting system based entirely on LED technology.

This type of lighting allows us to minimise electrical energy consumption without compromising the quality and comfort of our spaces.